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February, 2005

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    Resolving Symbols Manually on Windows CE (ADDRESS --> SYMBOL)

    You know you've been there. You are looking at a callstack, and the one function you want to know the identity of, failed to resolve symbols or has bad symbols . Dang! If only you knew what function 0x12345678 refers to, you'd find your bug. First...
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    Looking for a good tool for doing hex math

    While I'm writing about all of these address tricks -- I figured I'd ask around if there's a good tool for manipulating hex values. I just use "calc" which comes with Windows; if you put it into scientific mode it will handle hex values for you. But it...
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    Windows CE Virtual Memory Layout for Debugging

    I want to blog about how to resolve symbols manually, and realized I would have to assume that the reader would understand the CE VM layout. So I figure I’d better explain that first. You don’t need to know everything about the VM layout in order to work...
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    Debugging tricks

    John Eldridge has posted some debugging tricks on his blog, and that has inspired me to write up some of my own. I'll start working on that... In the meantime I wanted to share a link to his tips: John has way more ninja...
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    It has been a while

    I would use being busy as an excuse, except I'm always busy. ;-) Call it, lack of creativity about coming up with blog entries. I don't know how Mike Hall does it. Anyway I've gotten a couple of questions about allocating large amounts of memory, that...
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