It's been cooking for the better part of two days now. (Stress tests) Just got an e-mail from our ever optimistic default release manager. Dilip Pai. Last week about this time we had some memory leaks and some other hard to debug issues that were preventing our stress run from completing. Dilip's our test manager so he's the last one to touch the running product. Test can't finish before Dev and everyone will always look at test and say, 'So when can we ship?' -- Dilip calmly saying, 'When we meet the criteria.' That, my friend, is exactly how it goes down. 

I can remember back to the time -- not too long ago -- when the idea of a stress run was getting everyone you could find to log in over lunch, cross your fingers and if it's still running, out the door it goes. It wasn't just the apps that were bad in those days, Windows couldn't stand up to a strong breeze.

Product groups all have stringent stress requirements and criteria. It's typically defined long before the code is started. With each and every major version - the criteria becomes more demanding. We've all come such a long way.

It's more predictable now than ever -- we've got a solid platform (WS 2003) a great database (SQL Server) a fine application server (IIS) -- but still, there's a truckload of code sitting on top of all this that *we* (SLP Services) build and maintain. The stack is less fragile - thank goodness - but your expectations of us have also grown.

We'll be doing our part to exceed those expectations, today, tomorrow and for some time to come.

I feel a mini-ship party coming on tomorrow. Couldn't find a better Friday to wrap your fingers around a few cold ones and head out early to start the three day weekend.