This post will show you how to use a simple app I created which will allow you to delete old load test runs, add analysis comments and easily link to summary reports.  The application is available for download on GotDotNet Download


The application is just a few pages.  The only configuration is changing a few values in the web.config to point to your load test results store and your report server.  You can use this application for deleting old runs and adding comments even if you do not have the reports installed.


Here is a screen shot of the home page. 

This page will provides access to all the runs in the database.  You can filter on two different options.  The first is by run date.

The second is by load test name:

The home page screen will show ten tests per page.  From this page you can click the edit link to add analysis comments.  If you click the edit link you are taken to the following page.

The analysis comments show up on the custom reports described in this post:  Reports Post  Comments added here are also visible when you are analyzing results in Visual Studio Load Test Analyzer.  Check out this post for how to view them: Analysis Post


When on the home page, if you click on a delete link next to a load test, you will be able to delete an individual test.  If you click on the delete runs link, you will be taken to another page which will allow you to select multiple tests to delete.  This page provides the same filtering that the home page provides.  The screen shot for this page is below:

When on the home page, if you click on a summary link next to a load test, you will be taken to a load test summary report for that load test.  The reports are described in this post: Reports Post

Hopefully, this simple app will make it easier to perform some common maintenance operations.  Click here to go to the download location: GotDotNet Download