This post will show you how to add analysis comments to a load test run.  This is useful if you want to store information about a run with the results of a run.  Possibly you are doing the preliminary analysis and then will send the information to another person to a more in-depth analysis.  The analysis comments are stored in the load test results store, so anyone that looks at the results for that run, will be able to view your comments. 


Adding comments is easy.  You can add comments while a load test is executing or while viewing the results in the post run UI.  To add comments, right click almost anywhere in the Load Test Execution UI or the Post Run UI.  Then select the Analysis… menu item.

This will launch the Analysis dialog which looks like the following:


Add whatever comments you want to store with the run.  When you come back and view this run later, you can view your comments or if you send this run to someone else to look at they will be able to view your comments.  You view the comments by launching the analysis dialog again.


These comments are also displayed in the load test reports which I blogged about here: