I have been working on creating a set of reports which will report on the data in the Load Test Results store which is part of Visual Studio 2005 Team Test Edition.   These reports have been developed using SQL Server Reporting Services.  One of the benefits of using this package is that it allows the reports to be generated in a number of different formats.  For example, you can view them through a website, pdf file or excel work book.  Another benefit is that the reports can be customized rather easily.  The reports are now available on code plex: http://www.codeplex.com/loadtestreports/

The first report is a summary report with details about an individual run.

* Each of the links in the summary report will bring you to another more detailed report.  For example if you click on the WebTest1 link in the test results section you get the following 2 graphs:

* The next report is a sample of what you see when you click on one of the URLs in the summary report

* The next 2 graphs are a sample of what you see when you click on one of the transactions in the summary report:



* The next 2 graphs are a sample of what you see when you click on one of the machines in the system resources section of thesummary report:



* The other main report is a run to run comparison report.  This report is very similar to the summary report but shows information for 2 runs and gives you a percent change column.  The value in the percent change column will be red, green or black.  If it is red, the change is more than 10% in the negative direction, green is more than 10 % in the positive direction and black is a less than 10% change.


* Similar to the summary report, when you click on a link in the run to run comparison report, you will get graphs that display data for both runs.  Here is a sample if you click on WebTest1:


* There are a number of additional reports which I have not included screen shots for in this post.  Another set of reports that exists are scatter charts which chart every request, or transaction or test vs elapsed time.  If there is any report you would like more information on or have any suggestions, please let me know.