This post will show you how to imbed code into a property value.  There are 2 built in macro’s that you can set as the value for a property.  They are RandomInt and RandomDouble.  These will execute System.Random.Next or  System.Random.NextDouble.  Here is more info on that class:

To use these macros you would do the following:

1)      Open a web test

2)      Go to a query or form post parameter

3)      Set the value of the parameter to either {{$RandomInt(0,10}} or {{$RandomDouble(0,10)}}

4)      Execute the test

5)      Then in the result, look for the parameter and verify that the value has been set according to your parameters.


A very useful  macro plugin has been written and shared on codeplex.  Here is a link to the codeplex site:


This is a very cool plugin allows you to put almost any code block right in the property value.  For example, here are some samples from the codeplex site:

  1. <%= DateTime.Now %> - for the current date and time
  2. <%= DateTime.Now.ToString ("dd-MM-yyyy") %> - for the current date and time in the specified format
  3. <%= Guid.NewGuid() %> - for a new GUID