Embedded Musings

Musings, ramblings and thoughts on embedded systems and other random stuff that pops into my head.

About Embedded Musings


About Embedded Musings

I'll be adding entries to my BLOG here to cover random thoughts and observations on embedded systems development trends along with specific technical tips/tricks I come up with. I'll include links to great ideas from other people (See the Blogroll for some places I try watch regularly) that I find. I don't promise to be as "punny" as Mike Hall but I'll try and keep a sense of humor about it all and hope everyone else will too! I'll focus on embedded systems development and design but will often digress into random places like Skydiving, snowshoeing and my all time favorite television program "The Muppet Show".

I am a geek by most anyone's standards, although I bow to the superiority of many geeks I've met as fellow MVPs. 8^) I love technology, but not just any technology. Only the stuff that is actually useful, at least to me, and better if it's useful for a lot of other people too. Of course that doesn't necessarily mean it's a productive use, like my Xbox. Now that I don't work for myself 14+ hours a day 7 days a week ~365.25 days a year I actually have time to play with that and create BLOG entries about random things I think about and play on the Xbox.  (I do find that little box useful and my gamer score is starting to reflect that!)