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  • Blog Post: .NET Micro Framework : .NET Micro Framework Version 4.0 ships, Open Source, Community Development, and more.

    Woohoo! V4.0 is out with community code. This is a major step forward for the .NET Micro Framework! I’m hoping to dive into core details in this blog in the future. (I know I’ve been silent here for  a while, more like an eternity in the blogosphere. A lot of things have been going on in my life...
  • Blog Post: .NET Micro Framework : .NET Micro Framework 4.0 Goes to Beta!!!

    The .NET Micro Framework V4.0 has gone into public beta. Congrats to the team for all the hard work getting this done with reduced resources and an uphill legal battle on the source code release! .NET Micro Framework : .NET Micro Framework 4.0 Goes to Beta!!!
  • Blog Post: .NET Micro Framework V4.0 Beta

    The .NET V4.0 Beta is coming to a PC near you. Sign up on Microsoft Connect to get your copy when it becomes available!n Lot’s of great new features and SOURCE CODE in this release!
  • Blog Post: Colin has posted a clarification of rumors

    Please see Colin’s post for official word on rumors about the demise of .NET Micro Framework. (Hint: he’s NOT dead Jim!) http://blogs.msdn.com/netmfteam/archive/2009/05/07/net-mf-moves-to-developer-division.aspx
  • Blog Post: Building a WPF Emulator Part V

    In our last episode the super hero (ok it was just me) was creating a device emulator for a KIOSK system based on the .NET Micro Framework. So far we’ve seen the application code from the custom emulator side of things but haven’t looked at any of the XAML yet. So what is this XAML stuff anyway? XAML...
  • Blog Post: GHI releases updated firmware for Embedded Master

    GHI has released updated firmware for the Embedded Master module. New features include: Version 1.0.7 04/29/2009 Firmware Version 03.00.000 Tiny Booter Version 03.00.000 > Includes .Net Micro Framework V3.0 Service Pack 1 > TinyBooter is defaulted to USB > User can access Ethernet registers...
  • Blog Post: .NET Micro Framework Porting kit is now available in MSDN subscriptions

    Yesterday the .NET MF team announced that the .NET Micro Framework will be available in the MSDN subscriptions starting with the OS level subscription. This is great news as MSDN is already available in many distribution outlets world wide. With the recent addition of the Windows Embedded Family of products...
  • Blog Post: Building a WPF Emulator Part IV

    Part IV? already… this is starting to get like one of those scary movies series of the late 70’s and early 80’s… or Star Trek movies… (Hopefully the even numbered and the odd numbered posts are good!) So far I’ve covered the code from the viewpoint of a custom emulator using the additional support classes...
  • Blog Post: TAHOE/Meridian firmware updates and a New .NET Micro Framework Rapid Prototyping system

    Device Solutions just released new Tahoe II firmware and an updated SDK . In the documentation is a section on the new Meridian/P module. (No info available on their website yet though) This is looking really cool! The direct support for SchmartBoard format makes it extremely easy to use for rapid prototyping...
  • Blog Post: Updated interop article

    I've updated the interop article to correct a few typos and reformat to fit in this blog. (unfortunately when we re-worked the layout of the team blog site the article didn't quite fit right so I adjusted it a bit and am now hosting the full article on this blog where it fits ok)
  • Blog Post: .NET Micro Framework Porting Kit SP1 released!

    Last night, we released Service Pack 1 for the .NET Micro Framework Porting Kit. This release was created expressly to respond to the needs of our customers, incorporating requests submitted to us from our porting customers. The service pack contains dozens of improvements spanning a broad range of functionality...
  • Blog Post: Building a WPF Emulator Part III

    OK, so I promised we’d look at the emulator engine in this post. The design idea for the emulator places all of the device specific configuration of the emulation in code. This is in contrast to the default “generic” Microsoft Emulator that ships with the SDK, which is configured by XML files. That’s...
  • Blog Post: Building a WPF Emulator Part II

    OK, this time we’ll get to some code. (and a new blog theme style that makes fitting code a lot easier!) In previous posts I’ve outlined the concepts involved with links to more detailed info on the general patterns etc… Now we’ll have a look at some actual code for a .NET Micro Framework device emulator...
  • Blog Post: Building a WPF Emulator – Part 1

    So, you want to know more about building an emulator with WPF? Well, so did I. Of course the first question to ask when encountering something new is why bother? (E.g. What’s it going to do for me that the stuff I already have isn’t going to do?) Well in the case of WPF, it’s going to do a LOT. More...
  • Blog Post: Building a .NET Micro Framework Emulator with WPF (Part 0)

    The .NET Micro Framework SDK comes with a customizable emulator that allows extensions to the emulated hardware as well as the complete look and feel of the emulation experience. The sample emulator from the SDK and the emulator project templates all use windows forms for the user interface. While Windows...
  • Blog Post: New blogs on using the .NET Micro Framework Porting Kit with GCC

      Kevin Townsend has started up a new blog on using the .NET Micro Framework Porting Kit with GCC. Kevin and Stefan Schmidt are active in the newsgroups and blogging to contribute the overall community knowledge. Check them out and lend your own experiences too!
  • Blog Post: Download details: .NET MF 2/2009 Doc Update

    There's an update for the .NET Micro Framework Documentation available Download details: .NET MF 2/2009 Doc Update It contains documentation on some classes that were missing from the RTM release and other minor updates.
  • Blog Post: Road signs warn of zombies

    Yep that's what the road sign said.... Really - see for yourself ( Road signs warn of zombies ) Hackers got into a construction road sign and changed the display to show a "custom" message. I bet the sign's manufacturer is wishing they'd used a more secure protocol and mutual authentication...
  • Blog Post: New article on using Interop posted

    I've just posted an article on using interop in .NET Micro Framework V3.0. Abstract The .NET Micro framework provides a rich level of support for embedded systems development from handling interrupts on GPIO pins to talking to hardware on an SPI or I 2 C bus. Unfortunately, sometimes, that’s not...
  • Blog Post: Dare To Dream Different Challenge Round one winners announced

    After a difficult and challenging judging session the winners of round one were announced and are listed on the Dare To Dream Different Challenge web site. Congratulations to all of the winners! Go make some cool stuff!
  • Blog Post: Only 6 more days to enter the contest!

    There are only 6 more days to enter the Dare To Dream Different developer challenge! Get your entries in for a chance to win some great prizes and some serious bragging points at your local watering hole! See the official rules for full details.
  • Blog Post: Buy .NET Micro Framework Porting Kit from Microsoft Store (really!)

    You can now buy the .NET Micro Framework Porting Kit from the Microsoft Store . At this time the store only supports credit cards in the US or EU. Other regions will need to contact netmfbiz @ Microsoft.com to arrange an order.
  • Blog Post: Tahoe-II is shipping!

    Device Solutions just announced that Tahoe-II is shipping! The Tahoe II is the next generation of the popular Tahoe dev platform for the Meridian module and .NET Micro Framework. Features include: Meridian CPU (ARM920 @ 100MHz, 4Mbytes Flash, 8Mbytes SDRAM) 3.5” Landscape TFT LCD with touch...
  • Blog Post: FusionWare.SPOT V3.0 now available

    The V3.0 release of the FusionWare.SPOT libraries is now available! This version supports VS2008 and the .NET Micro Framework SDK V3.0 RTM. Check it out at codeplex now!
  • Blog Post: Device Solutions v3.0 Firmware Available Now

    Device Solutions is the first to release RTM firmware bits for V3.0! Only hours after the official launch announcement at ESC Boston Device Solutions announced the release of the RTM firmware for the TAHOE hardware platform (including a release supporting Ethernet) In addition to the new firmware Device...
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