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Musings, ramblings and thoughts on embedded systems and other random stuff that pops into my head.

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  • Blog Post: Using Interop in the .NET Micro Framework V3.0

    The .NET Micro framework provides a rich level of support for embedded systems development from handling interrupts on GPIO pins to talking to hardware on an SPI or I2C bus. Unfortunately, sometimes, that’s not quite enough. For example, an A/D converter built into the chip that is memory mapped to the...
  • Blog Post: If I'm living in a managed world, why do I need Dispose()?

    It's inevitable that at some point a C/C++ programmer migrating to .NET and C# will run into the need to use Dispose() or IDisposable and ponder the reason for their existence. After all - the idea of a managed environment like .NET and a language like C# is that you don't have to worry about memory...
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