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    Small Basic v0.8

    The eigth and newest installment of Small Basic is now available for download! Check it out here (If the link gives you a previous version, please refresh your browser's cache and try again.) This release features: Addition of details about your published...
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    Sample of this week: Snake Bite

    Snake Bite is a game created by Davey Wavey , inspired by the SNAKE BITE game on the ZX81. Check out the program listing and an online playable version of this game at: If you have Small Basic v0.8 , you can download...
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    New home for Microsoft Small Basic

    We’re pleased to announce that, after a great year of feedback and updates on Microsoft DevLabs , Small Basic has completed its early incubation period and is moving to a more permanent home at the Microsoft Beginner Developer Learning Center . ...
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    Announcing Small Basic v0.8, again

    We just announced the download availability of the 8th CTP of Small Basic. Check out for details.
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