11/17/15 UPDATE: Added several Science related programs, Triple Six, and Small Block Builder. On 9/3/13: Added Eora Duck Hunt. On 6/29: Added SBCraft. On 6/12: Added String Searcher. On 5/22: Added Abacus Beads, Chomper, Go Simulator, Minesweeper, Piano, and Shapes Editor. 


The goal is that this list contains a lot of Small Basic programs. We're looking for interactive programs that are easy to use, fun, and have little to no learning curve.

To browse a larger variety of programs that are listed categorically, see Small Basic Program Gallery - Listed By Category. Categories include Games, Graphical, Math, Physics, Productivity Apps, Sciences (Other), Sound, and Text.

You should also come back later, because this list will evolve over time.



1942 - by Laurent20


Abacus - by Harry Hardjono

Abacus Beads - by Nonki Takahashi

Alien Barrage (info) - by LitDev

Analogue Clock (with wood texture) - by Math Man

Analogue Clock (no background) - by Nicolas_br

Arrow - by Zock77 

Asteroids V2 - by Jason Jacques + Community

Atom - by Dudeson (follows mouse cursor)


Balance Scale - by NaochanON 

Basketball - by NaochanON

Blackboard - by Vijaye

Block Smasher V2 (info) by Behnam Azizi

Blimp - by  Coding Cat

Brick Wall (info) - by Stendec


Calculator - by  Alex 2000 

Calculator CA - by Nonki Takahashi

Cargo Weight - by NaochanON 

Catch Game - by NaochanON

Chess Board - by Nonki Takahashi

Chomper (Packman) - by Anthony Yarrell/QBasicLover

Click the Button - by Timo Sö

Code Block Generator v1.3 (info) - by Nonki Takahashi

Collision Physics - by Litdev 

Color Memory Game - by Martmen

Color Picker - by Suduadib


Decimal to Binary Converter - by Amir CPS


Eurora Duck Hunt - by Jibba Jabba

Eyeballs - by Math Man


Football Pong (P1 use S+D; P2 use K+L) - by Nonki Takahashi


Go Simulator - by Nonki Takahashi

Gorillas - by Rushworks

Graph - by NaochanON


Happy Number Checker - by Math Man


Installer (info) - by Timo Sö

Invader (game) - by NaochanON (play locally for proper framerate)

Invaders - by JKrueg 


LED Display - by Amir CPS

Light Beam - by Math Man

Light Beam - Interactive - by Zock77 (press up and down to rotate the reflector)    


Metronome - by NaochanON

Minesweeper - by Nonki Takahashi

Moon Phases - by NaochanON 

Music Player (info) - by Amir CPS, NaochanON, and Absolu


Number to Text Converter - by Math Man


Pacman Labyrinth - by LitDev

Pendulum Clock - by Nonki Takahashi

Pendulum Clock 2 - by Kevin J

Pi Clock - by Math Man

Piano - by Nonki Takahashi (run locally)

Pyramid - by NaochanON (be patient)


Random Cat Clock - by NaochanON 

Random Drawing - by Math Man & Coding Cat

Ruler - by Nonki Takahashi


SBCraft - by Ardiezc Quazhulu

Shapes Editor (info) - by Nonki Takahashi 

Silly Story Writer - by Talgon96 (run locally)

Sierpinski Triangle - by Stendec 

Small Block Builder (info) - by Bluegrams

Smiley Maze Game - by Nik Coughlin

SnakeBite - by Davey Wavey

Soda Pop Showdown - by JKrueg

SokoCUTE - by kts99

Sorting Algorithm Demo - by Zeven

Space Invaders - by Davey Wavey 

Spring - by NaochanON 

Star Catcher - by NaochanON

Star Field Simulator - by JKrueg

Starfield Simulator 2 - by Florian Auer

Stay Away from the Blue Ball - by Todd

String Searcher - by Jibba Jabba

Super Pong - by Litdev


TanCraft - by Behnam Azizi 

Tankinator - by Zock77 & Cobra355

Tetris - by Kenneth Kasajian

Text to Binary Converter - by Amir CPS

Text Writer - by Todd

Tic Tac Toe (with menu) - by Nonki Takahashi

Tic Tac Toe (with tough AI) - by NaochanON

Tower of Hanoi - by Alex 2000

Triple Six (info) - by Bluegrams

Turtle Maze Game - by (info) - by Nonki Takahashi


Vigenère Cipher (info) - by Amir CPS (run locally)


Water Clock - by NaochanON 

Weather (USA) - by NaochanON


Leave a comment with more programs to add. We'll need a name, a link to download it, and the name/profile of the developer. On TechNet Wiki, you'll find a version of this article that lists even more programs. (This blog post is limited to interactive programs that are easy to use, meaning they have little to no learning curve.)


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