Small Basic community member Timo Sö had a winning idea: to start a TeamChallenge competition. The challenge was to create a "Tower Defense Game" in one week. They developed their games from 12/3/2010 to 12/10/2010. Here is Timo's first Forum thread on the topic.

Here are the teams:


1. Tank Rampage Team:  Math Man, Timo Sö, (3rd person dropped out)

Find the code hereDownload the .RAR file

Math Man did 99% of the code. Timo created the graphics and did some small bug fixes.


2. Tankinator Team:  Zock77, Cobra355, (3rd person dropped out)

Find the code here | Download the .RAR file

The game cannot be played in the gallery list. You must download it and play it locally.

Zock did 100% of the coding. Cobra helped make the turret graphics. Zock was the game designer, and Cobra had some gameplay input.

To make the graphics, they used Gimp. They made the corners transparent:


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On that forum thread, reply with your input on which game you think is the best! The score is currently 4 to 0!

Thanks to all of the TeamChallenge members! We'll definitely see more of these in the future (Timo and Zock are already planning one for January)! You can track all the action in the Small Basic forum. I'll make the current TeamChallenge threads sticky.


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   - Tall Basic Ed