Today we're featuring Tankinator, from Zock77Cobra355 helped with some graphics.

Here's a screenshot:

Download Version 0.02:

Features added:

1) Added pause Feature ("P" to activate) - Thanks to litdev for source code

2) Added a Feature to enable setting the aim of the turret - As suggested by Ed Price

3) Added different turret wreck shapes for different turrets

4) fixed countless bugs

Give feedback here:

My favorite strategy is building an arrow to the right. You have a defensive line that you might need to replenish, and any tanks that are too low or too high get a barrage as they drive past it. My arrow is typically high on the screen. Here's what it looks like (click to see it bigger)...

 As you can see, I sometimes drop a few "satellite" turrets in the front for the tanks to get pelted by my turrets as they drive past. I expect those turrets to eventually get sacrificed.

What's your top score? Mine is 50.8 million... 50,844,521.

What do you think of the game? Have you played it? Leave a comment below!


   - Ninja Ed