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    Small Basic Curriculum

    Learn all about Small Basic by using the curriculum. With the curriculum, you can lean Small Basic with separate lessons - just like you would in a classroom. You can download the curriculum, which includes PowerPoint decks to teach from. As a teacher...
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    Small Basic E-Books

    Learn more about Small Basic and find detailed samples by reading sample chapters from one of three e-books that we are providing to you at no cost. If you like using the e-book format, we have links on each page to where you can purchase the complete...
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    Some answers about Small Basic Education (Kodu Community Spotlight Part 2)

    As one of the many collaborations we're working on with the Kodu team, they featured me in their Community Spotlight. Click here to read my interview with the Kodu team I feature some of my answers here: What sort of lessons can students learn...
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