This is an exhaustive list of the Small Basic games coming from our community of developers!


Small Basic Games


Basketball - by NaochanON

Basketball Science - by Nonki Takahashi

Block Smasher V2 (info) by Behnam Azizi

Brick Wall (info) - by Stendec

Catch Game - by NaochanON

Click the Button - by Timo Sö

Darts - by NaochanON

Football Pong (P1 use S+D; P2 use K+L) - by Nonki Takahashi

Naochan Pong - by NaochanON

Stay Away from the Blue Ball - by Todd

Super Pong - by Litdev


3D Color RayCaster Maze - by Old Basic Coder

3D Maze - by Old Basic Coder

3D Maze (B&W) - by Pathdrc

Chomper (Packman) - by Anthony Yarrell/QBasicLover

Pacman Labyrinth - by LitDev

Smiley Maze - by Nik Coughlin

SnakeBite - by Davey Wavey

Snow Man Maze (Big) - by NaochanON

Snow Man Maze (Small) - by NaochanON

Star Catcher - by NaochanON

Turtle Maze (info) - by Nonki Takahashi


1942 - by Laurent20

Alien Barrage (info) - by LitDev

Asteroids V2 - by Jason Jacques + Community

Invader Game - by NaochanON (play locally for proper framerate)

Invaders - by JKrueg

Soda Pop Showdown - by JKrueg

Space Invaders - by Davey Wavey


Chess Board - by Nonki Takahashi

Color Memory Game - by Martmen

Go Simulator - by Nonki Takahashi

Gorillas - by Rushworks

Minesweeper - by Nonki Takahashi

SBCraft - by Ardiezc Quazhulu

SokoCUTE - by kts99

TanCraft - by Behnam Azizi

Tankinator - by Zock77 & Cobra355

Tetris - by Kenneth Kasajian

Tic Tac Toe (with menu) - by Nonki Takahashi

Tic Tac Toe (with tough AI) - by NaochanON

Tower of Hanoi - by Alex 2000