From Joe Dwyer:

"Small Basic is a very simple, fully functional, programming language, created as an offshoot of the BASIC programming language which has been around for decades. The simplicity of it makes it a great choice for kids and beginners to learn how to program a computer.

"Small Basic has all the tools needed to create useful programs, but not much more. As a beginner learning to code, you can focus on the core concepts and not worry about all the extras that professional level programming languages contain. Small Basic has capabilities to handle user input, drawing, mathematics, file I/O, etc. It also forces the user to program using statements and terminology that are similar to enterprise level languages. As a beginning programmer this is important because it allows the student to understand the terminology, but focus on learning to program and the core concepts involved."


You can read the rest on his blog here:

Why Small Basic is a great programming language for kids and beginners



And see if you're interested in Joe's book...


Principles of Programming is available on It uses Small Basic to teach basic concepts of programming for kids and beginners.



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