It doesn't run in the Web Browser, so you'll need to import it to run it locally (ID RKF190).

It's a simple maze generator (game!!!) which Kensig created simply as an exercise to try out Small Basic.

You can see it load and get the code here:


Thanks to Kensig (who is retired) for learning Small Basic and creating this maze!

Kensig's avatar

About Kensig: As I am old (really, really old) There just in not enough space to put my history into here. However, if I tell you I started out in computers hand coding onto punch tape the code for the 4004/4040 ( 4 bit CPU) you might have some idea of my history. ;) Having been adrift from programming for quite some years, I'm easing myself back into it by seeing what I can do with Small Basic.


Well thank you to Kensig for giving Small Basic a try as you ease back into programming!

   - Ninja Ed