We were there! But we weren't alone...

There were 1,200 JH and HS kids there! Here we are at our Small Basic booth...

Li Xin (left), I, and Philip Conrod (right) led the Small Basic booth, giving demos and presenting Small Basic to all the kids (and to their teachers and the other booth commanders). Philip is the author of 8 Small Basic books (along with Lou)! Also presenting Small Basic with us (and who took the picture above) was...


Stephanie Conrod! Thank you to all our booth hosts for helping us make this happen!

Here is Philip giving a demo:

Here is Li Xin giving his spiel:

And Stephanie presenting:

I'm in the background on that one! And here I'm presenting:

Looking through the crowd of students:

And finally, here's a shot of the whole room we were in:

Thanks again for Kidware coming and helping us run the booth!

You can find 8 great curriculum-style books from Kidware Software publishing.

Books with sample chapters on TechNet Wiki:


Thanks to TEALS and all those who helped make this event happen! We're hoping we got some students interested in changing their lives and the lives of those around them!

   - Ninja Ed