When you are learning Small Basic programming, you may stack on your debugging.  I recommend to utilize lots of resources about Small Basic as following steps.

  1. Search in TechNet Wiki.  Small Basic Portal may help you.
  2. Search in Small Basic Forum.
  3. Ask question in Small Basic Forum.
To search in Small Basic Forum, (1) use search box with keywords.  If other category posts are appeared, (2) select Small Basic Forum.
When you ask in Small Basic Forum, please read PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING.

 You will get the best help if you provide enough information for someone to understand what it is you want help with and reproduce the problem easily - if they have to guess it can be frustrating from both sides.  This often involves you working on a problem for a little bit first, then narrowing down the problem you are having to a small example (if possible).  Then post the example code you are working on (or PUBLISH the ID) along with a clear description of what you expect to happen and what doesn't work.

source: "Asking a good question" section in PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING