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  • Blog Post: binary to decimal converter - Small Basic Featured Program (by WhTurner33)

    Let's let WhTurner33 introduce the program! You can try it out here: =============================== Last Monday I published a simple binary to decimal converter in response to a question in stuck in a school program After some problems...
  • Blog Post: How to convert text into Binary

    This fantastic chart comes from today's guest blogger, Liam McSherry . In Liam's words... ============================= If anyone wants to know how to convert text into a series of binary digits, I quickly made this little graphic. Note that this sort of system applies to all radices...
  • Blog Post: Text to Binary Converter - Small Basic Featured Program

    Ha! I saw an episode of "Big Bang Theory" where they were arguing over the binary translation of English (how many zeros and ones there should be). Amir had made a Decimal to Binary converter that I featured , and I mentioned that a text to binary converter would be pretty sweet. Well now (through...
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