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  • Blog Post: How is Small Basic different from QBASIC and VB.Net?

    The answer comes from the creator of Small Basic, Vijaye Raji... How is Small Basic different from QBASIC? Unlike QBASIC, Small Basic is based on .Net and can consume (not produce) "Objects". It supports distinct Operations, Properties and Events. It doesn't have GOSUB :) From...
  • Blog Post: Small Basic: The Improved I/O Extension

    From Gungan37 in this Forums thread ... ====================== I have spent the last few months writing the IO Extension in C#. It provides hundreds of methods to do all kinds of different things. It includes support for: Network server / client communications Use of over 20 Windows Forms...
  • Blog Post: Windows Forms I/O Extension for Small Basic

    Note - They took down this project. Gungan's working on a new version. New features/changes to the Web Forms in version 2.0: Chart control Changed the class's name to "Forms" instead of "WindowsFormsForSmallBasic". There is an updated sample with ID: ZQX928. The information is provided...
  • Blog Post: Small Basic Contest Winners!!! - TechNet Wiki Content

    A few weeks ago I announced the Small Basic on TechNet Wiki Contest . Last week I provided an update . Today we're going to announce our winners! The Microsoft judges were Mike H, Ray FAST, and me. The first category is Best Article . We're looking for articles that are thorough, visually...
  • Blog Post: Small Basic - TechNet Wiki Contest Update!!

    This content contest is coming to a close. Read about it here: Small Basic - New TechNet Wiki Contest!!! Here are our contestants for the "Best Article": - Noah
  • Blog Post: Small Basic Extensions Gallery

    UPDATED 11/2/15: Added LitDev and EV3 Basic. On 6/13/13: Added Timo So's MoreOptions Extension. On 5/31/13: Added NaochanOn's Barcode Extension. ============================ FEATURED EXTENSIONS: Lego Mindstorms EV3 Basic ( info ) - by Reinhard Grafl & Nigel Ward LitDev Extension -...
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