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Small Basic is the only Syntax/Text-Based programming Language+IDE built for learners! It's Simple, Social, Fun, & Gradual, graduating you into the .NET Stack and Visual Studio Code, where you continue learning VB, Java, C#, Python, & more!

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  • Blog Post: Soda Pop Showdown - Small Basic Featured Game

    Today's featured game was nominated by CodingLikeCrazy . In CLC's words... ======== Soda Pop Showdown is the name of the game I would like to nominate. it is made by JKrueg . Click here to play Soda Pop Showdown! The code is SND683.
  • Blog Post: Small Basic - The Wave Challenge (September Challenge Results)

    You can find the challenges of the month in the Small Basic forums . Here are the October challenges . For the September challenge , the Wave Challenge was offered in the Physics Challenge section: Create a program to simulate waves. Quite a general challenge so tackle it how you want - could be...
  • Blog Post: Small Basic Program Gallery

    12/08/15 UPDATE : Oculus Rift Ball Bounce, Batting Practice, Database Sample, Wavelength to RGP Converter, Clown: Parsed Pixels, and Pendulum. On 11/17/15: Added several Science related programs, Triple Six, and Small Block Builder. On 9/3/13: Added Eora Duck Hunt. On 6/29: Added SBCraft. On 6/12: Added...
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