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  • Blog Post: Turtle Maze versus Hangman - a case for seamless sharing.

    A lot of Small Basic programs use "Assets" in order to work, e.g. images, sound and text files. Key to Small Basic's effectiveness is our ability to share code and programs. At present the sharing of code is seamless but the sharing of programs may not be. To demonstrate the difference I use the...
  • Blog Post: Small Basic learning camps at Main Stem Academy - Summer 2013 Mark McDonald at Main Stem Academy is teaching Small Basic camps. Each camp is tutorial driven. Kids can join any time or go to the whole series. If they attend the whole series, they will be challenged with new tutorials and scenarios each week. They will use agile...
  • Blog Post: Small Basic - Elementary & Middle Student Testimonials

    Last Updated: 11/28/14 - Der_Programmier , age 9. 10/21/13: Added Anne's son . 8/25/13: Added Lisa M's daughter, Amber. On 6/20/13: Added 8Bit Pony . On 6/10: Added Michelle P's son, Heather H's son, and Jalynn P's kid. On 5/27: Added Leslie E's son , Eddie D's daughter and Linda B's son . On 5/26: Added...
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