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  • Blog Post: Flags in Small Basic

    A word flag has a meaning of a variable which contains a logical value. But today, I'd like to introduce flag graphics drawn with Small Basic. I found three threads in Small Basic forum about following 15 flags. Creating programs to draw flags may be good practices for graphics. How about adding your...
  • Blog Post: Small Basic - Traffic Light Challenge

    One of this month's forum challenges was to create a traffic light system. Graphics Challenge 2 Draw a traffic light that changes through the correct lighting sequence, perhaps using the Timer object. We have 2 great answers in, the first by Martin from Germany. And the second by NaochanOn...
  • Blog Post: Color Memory Game - Today's Featured Small Basic Program

    Here is an image of the game: You can find the game here, in the Small Basic Program Gallery . The game was developed by Martmen . Instructions for entering your High Score: (1) Click in the text box. (2) Type your name. (3) Click out of the text box. (4) Press Enter. (Next time you can just...
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