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  • Blog Post: Small Basic - How to Create an Extension Using VB.NET

    It's time for another guest blogger! This one is from Noah Buscher. Find the latest version of this article on TechNet Wiki: Small Basic: How to Create an Extension Using VB.NET This article is about how to create a simple extension that you can build on for Small Basic (Microsoft). To get started...
  • Blog Post: Small Basic Overview on TechNet Wiki

    Noah gave a pass on writing up a Small Basic overview article, so I'd like to share it with you: Small Basic It's already been translated into two other languages! Small Basic Table of Contents (links go to the Wiki Article) Extensions Community Let's Start ...
  • Blog Post: Small Basic Tutorial: Creating Your First Program

    Today we have a guest blogger: Noah Buscher ! Check out Noah's first tutorial... about your first Small Basic program. Small Basic is a .NET language created by Microsoft. It allows the beginner programmer to get started creating programs right away, and does not confuse the beginner with the...
  • Blog Post: Small Basic - TechNet Wiki Contest Update!!

    This content contest is coming to a close. Read about it here: Small Basic - New TechNet Wiki Contest!!! Here are our contestants for the "Best Article": - Noah
  • Blog Post: Small Basic Extensions Gallery

    UPDATED 6/13/13 : Added Timo So's MoreOptions Extension. On 5/31/13: Added NaochanOn's Barcode Extension. ============================ The impossible goal is that this list will eventually contain every quality extension made for Small Basic. I'm starting with some listed in the Small Basic...
  • Blog Post: This Week's Featured Program

    It's that time again! This week's featured program is SPACE INVADERS! This fast-paced alien-killing game was created by NaochanON. This program works best when played locally, but you our can try it out in your browser below!
  • Blog Post: The Blog is Back!

    Hello everyone! It is my pleasure to announce that with the help of Ed Price, the Small Basic blog is now back! I will be posting new Small Basic news, extensions, programs, and more! Please stay tuned!
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