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  • Blog Post: Small Basic 1.0 is here!

    After more than two years of pre-release versions of Small Basic, we are finally releasing the 1.0 version. Although we know that there a number of features we still haven’t implemented, we feel that Small Basic now has a solid set of the core features that make it useful to beginners. We hope...
  • Blog Post: Snake in Small Basic

    This week's featured sample is the arcade classic Snake! And it comes from PlayDeez , who has also written other interesting Small Basic games (check out the Small Basic forums for more such hotness.) Here's the screenshot, followed by the source listing. Initialize() While (GameState <>...
  • Blog Post: Small Basic and the "Goto" keyword

    For the past 40 years, there have been on-going debates in the programming world about the utility and usage of the keyword, Goto. While it’s been generally accepted that uncontrolled (no pun here) usage of Goto leads to unmanageable and spaghetti code, many, including Donald Knuth, believe that Goto...
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