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  • Blog Post: Featured Small Basic Article - Leap Year Checker

    Today I'm featuring this Wiki article: Small Basic Sample: Leap Year Checker Here is the overview from that article: For example, let’s say you want to create a program that checks whether a given year’s a leap year or not. It’s a leap year if the year’s evenly...
  • Blog Post: Sample of this week: Snake Bite

    Snake Bite is a game created by Davey Wavey , inspired by the SNAKE BITE game on the ZX81. Check out the program listing and an online playable version of this game at: If you have Small Basic v0.8 , you can download and edit this game by importing SNKBITE.
  • Blog Post: Small Basic Programs in 25 lines

    Note: All the programs listed below can be downloaded directly into Small Basic.  Just import the programs using their published Id. What started as a fun challenge in our Small Basic Forums , quickly turned into a repository of very interesting programs, all conforming to a 25-line limit. ...
  • Blog Post: Collision Physics With Small Basic

    LitDev is an expert in real-world physics programming, and he frequents the Small Basic forums providing answers to people's queries. One of his sample programs, the collision box, best demonstrates the expertise of LitDev and capabilities of Small Basic. This program can be directly imported into...
  • Blog Post: Star Gates: Sample of the Week

    This week's sample is an adventure in Space - a game called Star Gates, developed by BigDaddyo . This exciting and fun game takes game programming in Small Basic to the next level - with amazing sound and graphics effects. You can find the program listing at:
  • Blog Post: Sample of the week: Gorillas

    About 20 years ago, Microsoft released MS-DOS 5, and with it shipped a programming language called QBASIC . One of the samples that came with QBASIC is GORILLAS.BAS . The game used real-world Physics to make players hit each other with... wait for it... bananas. Come on, what did you expect from a game...
  • Blog Post: Color Picker

    Color Picker by Suduadib is an example that shows the usage of arrays in Small Basic. You can import this program using the id: SGS247 . Program listing is available at:
  • Blog Post: Asteroids v2

    Following the success of Asteroids v1 , the community members have made interesting tweaks and improvements to the game, resulting in Asteroids v2. This version is available for import from your Small Basic IDE with id, ASTEROIDS . You can see the source code here:
  • Blog Post: Asteroids

    This week's sample is Asteroids, written by Jason Jacques . It's a really fun game with tons of parameters to tweak. You can download the program directly into Small Basic using the id QFL408 . The source code listing is also available at: . Honestly, it never...
  • Blog Post: Sample of the week: Turn 'em Off

    This week's sample is a "Lights Out" style game, developed by DanAwesome . The game can be imported using the Program id: VDK353. The source code listing is also available at: Here's a screenshot of the game:
  • Blog Post: Sample of the week: Super Pong

    This week's sample is a two-dimensional version of Pong, with 4 paddles which makes it super fun! You can import this program in Small Basic by using the id: MDJ923 . You can also view the source code here: Here are screenshots:
  • Blog Post: Sample of the Week: Bricks

    This week's sample comes from Stendec , who has ported the classic Bricks game over to Small Basic. The program works on v0.3.1 and can be imported by using the code QRQ360. You can also see the listing of the source at:
  • Blog Post: The Turtle says Happy New Year

    Check out
  • Blog Post: Snake in Small Basic

    This week's featured sample is the arcade classic Snake! And it comes from PlayDeez , who has also written other interesting Small Basic games (check out the Small Basic forums for more such hotness.) Here's the screenshot, followed by the source listing. Initialize() While (GameState <>...
  • Blog Post: Sample of the Week, II

    This week's featured sample comes from Jeff Sidlosky . It is a star field simulation - you know the one where it appears like you're moving fast through space, with stars whizzing past you. ' Star-field simulation Initialize() Main() Sub Initialize GraphicsWindow.Title = "Super Star Field...
  • Blog Post: Using Command Line Arguments

    The Arguments object in the standard library allows you to work with Command Line Arguments from inside a Small Basic program. The Arguments object includes a Count property that gives the total number of arguments passed to the program, and a GetArgument(index) operation that allows you to access each...
  • Blog Post: Sample of the Week

    This week's featured sample of the week comes from mcleod_ideafix . This is a fun little point and shoot game, involving the Turtle in a clever way. 'Point-and-shoot '(C)1989 McLeod/IdeaFix. 'Target size TargetSize=30 winner=0 wanttoplay=1 'A vector-screen...
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