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  • Blog Post: Small Basic Featured Program - Gravity Simulator

    This is a Gravity Simulation by Zock77, the import code is FHS907. It includes self interaction between orbiting satellites - they attract each other. The gravitational force attracting objects is given by Newton. If the object masses are M and m and their separation is r, then the force of...
  • Blog Post: This Week's Featured Program

    It's that time again! This week's featured program is SPACE INVADERS! This fast-paced alien-killing game was created by NaochanON. This program works best when played locally, but you our can try it out in your browser below!
  • Blog Post: Sample of the Week, II

    This week's featured sample comes from Jeff Sidlosky . It is a star field simulation - you know the one where it appears like you're moving fast through space, with stars whizzing past you. ' Star-field simulation Initialize() Main() Sub Initialize GraphicsWindow.Title = "Super Star Field...
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