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  • Blog Post: Small Basic - Clearing Turtle Trails

    With the current version of Small Basic, the trails left by the turtle cannot be easily cleared. We may want to remove the trails because we are starting the turtle off again and want a clear screen or if the number of trails is very large the program will slow. One obvious option would be to do a...
  • Blog Post: Small Basic Guru - How to Make a Turtle Maze Game

    Nonki Takahashi is our Small Basic TechNet Guru for June! See the TechNet Guru Contributions for June 2013 . About Nonki : I am an amateur programmer. I used to program with one of BASIC language on an 8-bit micro computer when I was a college student. In 2010, I started to program with Microsoft...
  • Blog Post: Small Basic Featured Program - Turtle Maze

    This is an image only... ( Click here to play the game .) Nonki updated this game on 12/3/12: What fun! You can only do a few things though... Click Next to change the maze. Click Start to watch the Turtle go crazy as he turns left as his strategy...
  • Blog Post: The Turtle says Happy New Year

    Check out
  • Blog Post: Sample of the Week

    This week's featured sample of the week comes from mcleod_ideafix . This is a fun little point and shoot game, involving the Turtle in a clever way. 'Point-and-shoot '(C)1989 McLeod/IdeaFix. 'Target size TargetSize=30 winner=0 wanttoplay=1 'A vector-screen...
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