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Small Basic is the only Syntax/Text-Based programming Language+IDE built for learners! It's Simple, Social, Fun, & Gradual, graduating you into the .NET Stack and Visual Studio Code, where you continue learning VB, Java, C#, Python, & more!

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  • Blog Post: Small Basic 1.0 is here!

    After more than two years of pre-release versions of Small Basic, we are finally releasing the 1.0 version. Although we know that there a number of features we still haven’t implemented, we feel that Small Basic now has a solid set of the core features that make it useful to beginners. We hope...
  • Blog Post: Small Basic V0.91 is more international than ever!

    With 3 more languages available, it was hard for us to hold them to the next version. So we have released version 0.91 to include Hebrew, Croatian and Iberian Portuguese. This brings the count of supported languages to 18! No functionality has been added or changed from version 0.9. Download the new...
  • Blog Post: The newest, leanest and the meanest is here!

    The next installment of the Small Basic Community Previews is now available for download. Version v0.5 can be downloaded at: This version adds more of the community requested features and bug-fixes, the...
  • Blog Post: v0.4 of Small Basic says "Bonjour"

    Here it is, finally, the next installment of Small Basic CTP. Once again, the new v0.4 version comes with a lot of bug fixes, and a new "Timer" object that makes writing games easier. What really excites me with this release is that Small Basic is completely localizable, and as a start, we've localized...
  • Blog Post: Announcing v0.3 again!

    For some reason, my previous announcement didn't hit the front-page. Here it is again!
  • Blog Post: Announcing Small Basic v0.2, again!

    Some technical issues with the previous announcement - the blog ended up not showing on RSS feeds, etc. So, here's another announcement! As promised, we have a new release of Small Basic! This version contains all the most requested features by the user community. Thanks everyone for the great suggestions...
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