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In the past weeks, I have been asked several times about SPS/MOSS documentation. So, here a few good links…


General Information

General Info, Office 2007

General Info, SPS2007.

and here (http://blogs.msdn.com/scaravajal/archive/2006/07/18/670336.aspx) you can also find a blog entry about the path to the RTM release.


In details,


For IT Pros / Administrators

Administrator documentation for Windows SharePoint Services (version 3) Beta 2

Administrator documentation for Office SharePoint Server 2007 Beta 2


            All you want to know about sites, web parts, hierarchies… and how to start

            All you want to know about the infrastructure, security and capacity planning

Windows SharePoint Services Technology IT Center


For Decision Makers (Product bundles & licenses)

2007 Microsoft Office System Packaging

2007 Microsoft Office Suites Comparison

2007 Microsoft Office System Pricing


For Developers



WSS (Sharepoint Services) videos


For Architects



... And the team Blog: http://blogs.msdn.com/sharepoint/