As mentioned in my previous post, gadgets are "mini" applications that live within the Vista Sidebar (in the future also available for Windows XP) and on, respectively for my Swiss compatriots on


Said this, there are a few reasons because you should take a closer look at them:

  • Gadgets are an additional entry point to channel users to your web sites
    • Users will have the opportunity to install your gadgets on their desktop Sidebar and to have it visible for interaction as long as they work with their PC
    • Users will have the opportunity to install your Gadget on their personalized (or, or …) homepage. In fact, is a portal that the end-user configures adding his preferred Gadget to it. This is also valid for
  • Gadgets give your business “longer exposure”
    • In most cases, internet users visit a site punctually, by necessity. It’s clear that there are a few exceptions to this. However, for everybody else the possibility to have a more consistent connection is a big advantage. Gadgets offer this possibility that can drastically increase the number of (recurring) hits on your site.
  • Gadgets are easy to develop
    • Because they are mini applications that should offer mini, attractive services to the users before redirecting them to your existing web presence to complete more complex task
  • Gadgets do not require any technology change on your current platform
    • Gadgets are a mix of javascript, html, and xml. A hosted mini web application, finally. Every compatible technology can be use to connect back to your existing infrastructure. Often, Gadget will be updated with information coming from your systems via RSS.
  • Gadgets are for free
    • The Gadget Development Kit is available for free and the deployment of a Gadget onto the live gadget gallery is also for free.

Summarizing, with a relatively small investment you have the possibility of an additionally, potentially very high exposure of your business.