www.mix07.com in Las Vegas is over – and I am one of the lucky guys who could attend to it. Microsoft Silverlight was surely the highlight of this conference. I have had the possibility of seeing amazing applications developed with this technology. For me, the most impressive one was "BBC 1", a new way of delivering what we use to call radio (and in my opinion no longer is, considering the actual richness of the media used). TopBanana (by Metaliq) was also awesome, delivering video editing capabilities in the browsers. Not to forget SilverlightTV that will soon be available as a sample.

In the next week, I will post a complete blog about these technologies and how to use them at best for your great business. Today, I will only use this opportunity to inform you, my Swiss compatriots, that we will have a re-run of the MIX conference in Zurich, on June 18-19. Please book already your agenda, details will follow soon!