I’m happy to report that we were able to get TimeStamp comparison added. The issue we faced was by the time the DBCommandBuilder API stabilized we were in what we call UI freeze which means we couldn’t change UI elements without some major negotiating. We didn’t think we could get this done, but after reading several posts from Sahil , Bill and others, we took a little more time to see what we can do.
…so, here’s how we got this done. If the developer checks the Concurrency checkbox in the advanced section and we find a TimeStamp column we’ll use it. If we don’t find a TimeStamp we’ll revert back to the compare all columns. What this means is developers really don’t have a way to choose compare all columns if the table has a TimeStamp column, but we figured who would want compare all columns if you’ve got a timestamp.
This work was completed the other day, so the next CTP after the July CTP will have this change.