At VSLive I presented two sessions.  One for Occasionally Connected Smart Clients and another on Advancements in Data Access.


The Occasionally Connected Smart Client session focused on what we’re working on post VS 2005.  Some of which should be in Orcas, some of which will follow afterwards.  Mostly the session was about providing an overview of the evolving application model to leverage SOA based architecture, but not cripple end users at the same time.  In the session I talked about some of the early thinking on some of the Occasionally Connected Systems compnents.


The Advancements in Data Access session focused on a few questions that come up a lot around the VS Data features.  In particular I covered:

  • How to separate your Typed DataSets from your TableAdapters
  • Increasing the performance of Typed DataSet Serialization by skipping schema with DataSet.SchemaSerializationMode = ExcludeSchema
  • Implementing a common interface for TableAdapters, ITableAdapter
  • Doing a hierarchical update within a transactions

Slides & Demos

Recording of the VSLive Session