Simply put the team is interested in three core things:


  1. Helping customers to adopt our technology
  2. Building evidence to support the benefits available form our tools
  3. Driving up the satisfaction of the Developer and IT Professional audience

When I say Developers and IT Professionals I’m actually talking about a pretty wide group of individuals who have skills in these areas.  They can be found in amy places and in many role such as:


  • Architecture
  • System Design
  • Academic (Student and Faculty)
  • Independent Software Vendors
  • Internal IT/IS departments
  • System Integrators
  • ...

Many of the events (e.g. TechEd, NZ Business Sessions) you see in the New Zealand marketplace and community programs (e.g. MSDN Connection, MSDN Flash) also come out of our team.


Anyway enough about me – I’ll try to get more interesting from this point on…