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July, 2007

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    Catching BillG

    I recently went up to the US and was lucky enough to get an award. As a result at the awards dinner one person I got to catch for the first time this close was BillG: Cool...
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    Developer Virtual Labs

    This is a good list of links for developer virtual labs (which let you try the software in a remotely hosted virtual machine) we have these sort of labs hosted at TechEd and are regularly asked how to get access to them: ASP.NET 2.0 ASP.NET BizTalk Server...
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    Prioritize Learning about LINQ

    I 've had a few days off over the last week (I've recently become a dad). During that time I have popped onto the PC a few times and caught up on some stuff. One thing I'd not invested enough time in was LINQ - I was at the PDC when we announced this...
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