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  • Blog Post: Visual Studio Team System Resources (VSTS)

    I'm very proud of Visual Studio Team System and what Microsoft have done here - I've blogged about it in the past a reasonable amount (between my big gaps). It is worth stating that tools like this take more then just installing to get the most out of them (you get a huge amount from just installing...
  • Blog Post: Scrum for Team System Released by Conchango

    Conchango are a leading SI in the UK and they have just released a plug-in for Team System that supports Scrum as an Agile process – very, very cool… I used to work at Conchango as their Principal Architect and I led their charge to becoming the UK ’s top .NET partner. Conchango have a lot to be proud...
  • Blog Post: Team System On-demand Videos – Feature Walk Through

    Anyone who reads this blog will know I’m a team system fan - I just think it’s a great tool for the development team – it helps so much in managing the overall SDLC and what’s more it’s got a very, very solid roadmap from up it will just keep getting better! These videos have been recorded as a...
  • Blog Post: New Zealand's First Visual Studio 2005 Team System (VSTS) Case Study

    Peter is the man, he tells us how VSTS has helped Airways Corporation down in CHCH, don’t listen to me go and read it !
  • Blog Post: I just installed VS2005 Team Suite – No Issues

    So I just installed Teams Suite on my work PC – it worked perfectly. I’m now fully operational, hum now to find time to do some development!
  • Blog Post: NZ VSTS Developer Competition - $100K in prizes

    We are giving away lots of software to people who enter our VSTS competition – around $100K of it in fact! All you need to do is generate a few good ideas an play with the VS2005 and Visual Studio Team System betas. You then write it up and share what you were able to do for you or your organizations...
  • Blog Post: VSTS Webcasts

    These are probably already all over the net but well worth watching if you are interested in VSTS. >>> Visual Studio Team System Technical Webcasts The following Webcasts were recently recorded be members of the product team and are an excellent resource that you can point your customers...
  • Blog Post: Is Visual Studio Team System for Me?

    I’ve been asked this many times over the last few weeks and I though I would put a little flesh around it and tell you what I think. Disclaimer – I’ve not done the products justice here, please don’t take any of these comments as even a partial feature list… Yes Visual Studio Team System...
  • Blog Post: Get VSTS, VS2005 and SQL 2005 Beta on DVD

    Simple – go here: Fill in the form and we will send out to you within New Zealand… This includes Visual Studio 2005 Team suite and the April CTP for SQL Server 2005. For install details see
  • Blog Post: VS 2005 Product Line-up :: A Picture Says 1,000 Words

    We are getting a lot of questions on the Visual Studio 2005 product line-up and I though I would post a few pictures to clarify this. It’s a relatively long Blog post so first up here are the main headings: Extending the product offering… So What’s in The 3 Visual Studio Team System SKU’s ...
  • Blog Post: Lukas, Connect, HDD Failure and VS2005/VSTS

    I’ve been out of contact for a few days (estimation will continue soon) and there are a few items I should mention: Lukas rocks – we know it – so should you…. Seriously, we got this though a few months back and the process is just real now so congratulations Lukas. Connect has been a big success – we...
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