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  • Blog Post: Prioritize Learning about LINQ

    I 've had a few days off over the last week (I've recently become a dad). During that time I have popped onto the PC a few times and caught up on some stuff. One thing I'd not invested enough time in was LINQ - I was at the PDC when we announced this stuff and saw it in the keynote and went to Anders...
  • Blog Post: Backgound Motion is Live

    Over the last 6 months we worked with Mindscape (* link corrected) to build an end-to-end sample application. Darryl has blogged about this here and in his blog he tells you about the purpose of the site , where to get the code and how to visit it. From my perspective I was really keen to see an...
  • Blog Post: Cool Learning Resources - Beginners, kids, games, VSTS, SharePoint

    I was just having a look around the new MSDN site ( I like the search innovations they have made but I also really like the number of learning resource pages we have not the site to get people started. these are really valuable as we have so many great resources that these pages can...
  • Blog Post: ASP .NET Overview Video Series - Must Watch Content

    These how do I videos are so good that you’ve just got to look at them if you want to get started: As an aside… Before I joint Microsoft when I lived in the UK I used to site on Microsoft’s Architecture and...
  • Blog Post: ASP .NET ATLAS - Great Overview Video from ScottGu

    This stuff is just cool, our AJAX framework ATLAS ( ) is a great toolset for rich web applications. This short video from Scott Guthrie (his blog is outstanding) shows a simple scenario…
  • Blog Post: NZ ASP .NET 2.0 Hosters in New Zealand

    With the launch of ASP .NET 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005 I bet you want to go out there and host your creation for the world to see. Nigel has been working with a few of the local hosters to make this stuff happen:
  • Blog Post: A great set of learning resources for Visual Studio 2005 Web Developer

    Videos for the beginner, intermediate and then guided tours and quickstarts! We are getting better at the documentation stuff all the time ;)
  • Blog Post: Getting Started - ASP .NET 2.0 Quickstarts

    I was asked the other day where I would look for sample code for ASP .NET 2.0. The obvious answer is the ASP .NET 2.0 quickstart BETA website: The quick starts are a few hundred small blocks of well explained code that are designed to how...
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