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  • Blog Post: - The Gadget Challenge

    I’m loving – I keep playing with it at home, adding and removing items and changing my layout to optimize it for me and my own personal experience. It’s not totally new, it reminds me of early development with DigitalDashbard and other similar concepts never mind portal products like our...
  • Blog Post: Go here -

    Each time I look at the items in the MSN Sandbox they get cooler - this week I've noticed - my new homepage to agregate feeds and other cool content - AJAX Style etc... I'd recomend checking there everynow and then to see whats new. Nigel thanks for the tip... If you want to...
  • Blog Post: More on MapPoint Web Service

    Over the last week I’ve had a couple of additional enquiries on the MapPoint Web Service. This is a reply I sent to a customer with some additional links on getting started with the service: For starting information on MapPoint have a look at these links:
  • Blog Post: NZ MapPoint WebService – goes LIVE

    New Zealand is now included in the MapPoint WebService – with 100% map coverage. More on the MapPoint web-service another time. Another download worth looking at is the NZ ‘Bliss’ desktop background for windows XP J
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