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  • Blog Post: Popfly - Mashup tool for the non-developer

    Well Nigel has posted already about Popfly the video that covers the basic features is really worth viewing. Watch the Popfly screencast I'm looking forward to pimping my blog a little once we get our hands on the bits. But since we all will join the public alpha you may...
  • Blog Post: Cool (and short) Silverlight Tutorials

    Over at Tim's blog he has a great list of short 'nugget' style videos for silverlight... Well worth look at if you hae not done so yet...
  • Blog Post: The DLR is Announced

    More announcements from MIX this time around the Dynamic language Runtime. The blog to read is: This is awesome innovation in our .NET Framework to reach out to less strongly typed/dynamicly typed languages.
  • Blog Post: It's not all about MIX/Silverlight

    So much else is also going on. Longhorn Beta 3 with IIS 7 and PowerShell has shipped (importantly with a go-live licence) (product page) (IIS 7 go-live) Visual Studio 'Orchas' Beta 1 is out in the wild...
  • Blog Post: More Silverlight - Yeah Baby!

    Many other people will be writing about Silverlight today - we have a great piece of technology here and the announcement about offering storage for streaming is also very significant for people building community sites (like our own demo Background Motion site). Go and install Silverlight from: http...
  • Blog Post: MIX - a 72 hour conversation

    So I've sent Nigel up to MIX with a bunch of NZ customers - I'm sure they are having a great time ;) He's already done a few posts one specifically on getting ready for the conference. Lots has been going on in our product teams recently and MIX is a way for some of this news to get out. My next post...
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