I've been OOF on vacation (Hawaii, where it's warm!).  But I'm back now and here's a few new sample applications that I've come across recently as I've been surfing around looking at various things that folks are doing.

End to End Data Centric App - A quick walk through of building a data centric SL application

Calendar and DatePicker Starter Guides - Some quick starter guides on a couple of our new controls

Dynamic Image Generation - Shows how to dynamically generate images at runtime in SL

Running SL as Standalone Full Trust Application - Shows how to run an SL application in full trust

Jesse Liberty Silverlight Tutorials - An indepth series on Silverlight

Game Programming with Silverlight - A series of blogs on game programming in SL

Writing a Templated Silverlight Control: An Shawn Burkepost that details how to create a custom templated Silverlight control

Using the Silverlight DataGrid - A nice introduction to using the new SL data grid