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January, 2004

  • simon.says

    Removing the intimacy to create services

    Ram is back from vacation has been blogging on the subject of SOA and OO . While I agree with option C in Ram’s post, some of his comments took me back to the PDC talk where Don was explaining the difference between a service and an object...
  • simon.says

    Welcome Michael Platt!

    Michael Platt (a former member of .NEAT before returning the UK) joins the blogging world with his inaugural post . I look forward to hearing more about the work he has been doing, especially in the area of Enterprise Architecture (particularly Models...
  • simon.says

    Displaying .NET Windows Forms from Java SWING

    This article is the result of a prototype I completed late last year. The prototype investigated if and how Windows Forms in .NET could be invoked from a Java application written using SWING. This approach is helping customers today to migrate to a .NET...
  • simon.says

    Project Niobe

    Every once in a while, it’s nice to let off steam and blog about a project you’ve been working on for the past few months. Well, it’s my turn and the project in question is a prototype I’ve been working on with a number of customers...
  • simon.says

    TheServerSide.NET announced!

    As a previous Java/J2EE developer, was always one of my well used and well visited resources. (In fact, I believe it was my home page for some time). Run by TMC (The Middleware Company), in the past few years the site has attracted a...
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    MS Bloggers on!

    • 2 Comments goes live today, sharing the same infrastructure as Here's some more info:
  • simon.says

    Welcome David

    A co-worker of mine (and fellow ex-Pat), David Hill joins the blogging foray...
  • simon.says

    Updated Links

    Now that using .Text seems stable (not that it ever was unstable, but my blog was moving around so much), I've taken the time to update the links section to the left of this page. New stuff includes links to all of the PDC materials available on MSDN...
  • simon.says

    Some real headline news

    Occasionally, it's refreshing to see news headlines that concentrate on the real issues that we face, frightening as they may be.
  • simon.says

    Ram Blogging!

    My 'next door neighbor', Ram now has a blog. Some good architectural posts and comments here...
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