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March, 2004

  • simon.says

    World 66 - Where have you been?

    Saw this on Graham's blog: World 66 is a neat site that allows you to map where you have been, lived, or where you'd like to go - I've always wanted to create a map with pushpins to show this, but never got around to doing it. Here's the places I've...
  • simon.says

    DevelopMentor’s Achieving Platform Interoperability: .NET and Java

    If you haven't seen this already (and you are interested in learning more about .NET and Java/J2EE Interop), DevelopMentor are running the first in their series of courses to teach best practices for interoperability between .NET and Java. The majority...
  • simon.says

    TechEd 2004 (San Diego, May 23rd - 28th)

    TechEd 2004 is in San Diego (May 23rd - 28th) and the agenda has recently been posted to the site . I'll be presenting on Thursday 27th in WIN325 Microsoft and Interoperability . This is a new session where I'll be exploring all of the interoperability...
  • simon.says

    Pat is blogging

    If you haven't heard from Harry's blog , Pat Helland (a colleague in my team) is now blogging ! Way to go Pat! (..and way to go Harry for finally convincing Pat to start!). Sorry to hear about that coach seat from Sydney...
  • simon.says

    Long time, no blog...

    Yes, I admit it: It's been a long time since I blogged. Part of the reason for this has been the creation of a new interoperability set of materials that I've been working 24/7 on - the other part of the reason has to do with travel. What I have been...
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