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May, 2005

  • simon.says

    Microsoft ARC (Architecture Resource Center)

    Our team has released a new architecture section on Check it out to see: The latest issue of the Architect Journal Architecture focused events and Webcasts Details on the Microsoft Certified Architect program Architect...
  • simon.says

    Microsoft at TechEd also ;-)

    As I mentioned in my last post I'll be at JavaOne this year - but before that of course I'll be making my way down to TechEd! I'll be presenting on Saturday 4th for TechEd Academic at the University of Florida. I always enjoy the academic sessions...
  • simon.says

    Microsoft at JavaOne

    As you may have read from TheServerSide's post or through other articles, Microsoft will be attending JavaOne this year in San Francisco. We've been working with Sun over the past few months to put together an Interoperability track on the Tuesday of...
  • simon.says

    VOIP update

    It's been a few weeks now since getting VOIP installed through SunRocket and things are going well. The package was delivered as planned, incoming phone calls were enabled when they said they would be (10 days after connection), and I've found call quality...
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    MSN Desktop Search Clip

    A few months back I blogged about a clip utility that I'd put together for MSN Desktop Search . This tool copies MSN Desktop shortcuts to the clipboard - for pasting into other applications. For those that use MSN Desktop Search, let's imagine I've defined...
  • simon.says

    Channel9 Fun cont'd

    Did I also mention that the C9 demo mentioned in my last post shows BEA WebLogic (running on Red Hat Linux) creating a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet - using a technology called Office XML?
  • simon.says

    Channel9 Fun

    Here's a 34 minute video that Robert, Karsten and I put together for Channel 9 . In it I show how we can take a mainframe app, BEA WebLogic running on Red Hat and some Office XML, mix it together and front it with an interface written in Avalon.
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    WS-Security Interop using WSE 2.0 and Sun JWSDP 1.5

    An update to my WS-Security interop series got posted today. This article shows WS-Security interoperability (using X.509 certs) between WSE 2.0 and Sun's JWSDP (Java Web Services Developer Pack) 1.5.
  • simon.says

    VOIP - Episode 2

    My SunRocket package turned up today - and so far I'm impressed. My $199 got me one year of service, a VOIP adapter and 2 x cordless Uniden phones. The adapter (SunRocket call it a gizmo) plugs directly between the cable modem and router - although I...
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