As you may have read from TheServerSide's post or through other articles, Microsoft will be attending JavaOne this year in San Francisco.  We've been working with Sun over the past few months to put together an Interoperability track on the Tuesday of the conference.   

The track includes the following sessions:

*  TS-3552:  Interoperability Track Keynote - come to hear Mark Hapner (Distinguished Engineer) from Sun and Andrew Laymen (Director of Distributed Systems) from Microsoft kick off the interoperability track!  Mark and Andrew will be covering WS-* Web Services Architecture.

*  TS-9886:  Advanced Web Services Interoperability - this is a session I'll be co-presenting with Raghavan Srinivas.  Rags and I will be discussing recommendations and strategies for using Web Services to interoperate between Java and .NET today. 

*  BOF-9095: "On the Couch with Microsoft and Sun" - this is a BoF (Birds of a Feather) session that Marina Fisher (Sun) and I submitted.  The format is simple:  3 people from Microsoft (Doug Purdy, Dino Chiesa and myself).  3 people from Sun (Marina, Ray Lai and Laurence Moroney).  An audience.  An independent moderator.  No agenda.  No PowerPoint.  Come and ask open questions to the panel about any interoperability related issues on your mind!

*  TS-3367:  Interoperability using Techniques other than Web Services - everyone is aware that there are many ways to achieve interoperability between Java and .NET.  In his session (on Thursday), Kevin Wittkopf from Microsoft will be examining some of these.  Expect to hear about different types of connectors, bridges and RMI/Remoting techniques.

In addition, we have a booth on the exhibitors floor.  We encourage you to come up and ask us questions after the sessions about something you may have heard - or even if you just have general questions about how we interoperate with Java today. 

So, what's the hidden agenda here?  Well, quite simply there is none.  I think I speak for all of us attending JavaOne when I say that we believe there is a great interoperability story between Java and .NET - and feel that JavaOne is a great conference for that story to be told. 

Hope to see you there!