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June, 2005

  • simon.says

    How to do MTOM Interop

    In my JavaOne session yesterday I showed (what I believe to be) the first MTOM Interop demo between .NET and Java using publicly available toolkits. For those that don't know MTOM (Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism) is the new specification...
  • simon.says

    TechEd Academic Slides

    For those in my session today, you can find the slides here !
  • simon.says

    Christian releases WSCF 0.5

    As Christian mentions in his recent blog post , v0.5 of WSCF ( the tool for contract first Web Services development) is now out. This is also accompanied by a very thorough walkthrough of how the tool can be used. Somewhat coincidentally, I met Christian...
  • simon.says

    Scott's Ultimate List of Developer Tools

    I've been tracking Scott Hanselman's list of developer and power user tools for a few months now. Watching Scott in his session at TechEd was awesome - not only for the content he delivered ;-), but the myriad of tools and shortcuts he was using in his...
  • simon.says

    Update from JavaOne

    Wow, here I am at JavaOne! It’s kind of odd... I’ve been doing Java development for a number of years now and I realize that this is my first visit to JavaOne. (What’s more ironic is that I had to wait to join Microsoft before I went ;-) So, what have...
  • simon.says

    Groktalks at TechEd

    Now, these are my kind of sessions! 10 minutes and to the point. Not to be missed!
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