I caught up with Benjamin Mitchell at TechEd Europe this year and we chatted briefly about WSE Trace - a small tool that I put together to help with viewing of traces generated by WSE.  Given that there is still some interest in this I thought it was overdue for a little update.


As a result, I've uploaded a new version of WSE Trace (v2.0 beta) to the workspaces site.  The goal of the tool remains the same:


-   Easy to run and copy between machines (it's still only a single 523k .exe!)

-   Very easy to setup (yep, just run the .exe)

-   Transport Independent

-   Free of any modifications to app.config or other files


Version 2.0 supports all the features of previous releases, plus:


Integration with Visual Studio .NET 2003. 


Just select the "install into Visual Studio .NET" option in the tool to show the trace option in Solution Explorer:



Note:  Installation and un-installation of the tool does not require an MSI!  Hey, this is easier to install than an Eclipse add-in! ;-)


WS-I Basic Profile 1.0 Compliance


If you have the WS-I testing tool installed, now you can right click on any message, select Basic Profile -> Analyze Message to run a WS-I Basic Profile compliance check on the message. 



Most Recently Used Projects


Rather than selecting the directory every time, I've put in a MRU list to easily select previous projects you have traced.



That's it - click here to get to the workspace to download.  Also note that this new version of the trace tool only supports WSE 2.0 SP3 and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003.  On my list of things to look at are WSE 3.0, Visual Studio 2005 and of course Indigo.


A few of you have been asking for the source code for this tool.  There is nothing I would like better than to share this with people (and hopefully get others adding more functionality).  I'll therefore be uploading this to the workspace very soon.