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November, 2005

  • simon.says

    Would you like to write for the Architecture Journal?

    Microsoft’s Architecture Journal is a quarterly magazine, providing a world-class forum for the publication of unique articles on how good architecture can help create great implementations. Microsoft’s Architecture Journal is available as a printed subscription...
  • simon.says

    Beta of Scrum Add-In for VSTS available

    A few guys at Conchango (for whom I used to work :-) have created a Scrum plug-in for VSTS. Good reading if you are interested in agile development.
  • simon.says

    JavaOne 2005 Speaker Award

    I came back from vacation today to find I had won a "JavaOne 2005 Speaker Award" for being in the top 20 of speakers at JavaOne this year :-). Here's a list of the top 20 sessions, and if you'd like to watch the session (I co-presented with Raghavan...
  • simon.says

    Ron's Webcast on Windows Workflow Foundation

    Ron sat down with John Evdemon (Architecture team) and Paul Andrew (Windows Workflow Foundation) in his Webcast today. Well worth a listen to understand how Windows Workflow Foundation can affect your architectural decisions, although to be honest my...
  • simon.says

    Microsoft acquires FolderShare

    I'm a big fan of FolderShare , so I'm very pleased to see this .
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