A couple of weeks ago I switched from my current VOIP provider, SunRocket, to Vonage.  The reason to do so was fuelled by:

  • My SunRocket annual contract expires soon
  • Vonage offers an international virtual number - which means for $4.99 a month I can get a number with an area code of my hometown in the UK that automatically forwards to my house in the US
  • The quality of the SunRocket line seemed to be getting worse over the past few months

So far, I have not been disappointed.   Although a little more expensive, Vonage sent me through a single unit which has the VOIP capabilities combined with an 802.11g wireless router.  It was easy to setup and the quality of calls thus far has been very good.  Of course, I'm still waiting for my home number to be transferred - it should be interesting to see how well this is supported by two VOIP providers.